Land Release

From our inception, one of BLES’s long-term goals has been to release our elephants into a protected environment where they can forage, interact, explore and live communally without fear. This goal must be put first and foremost.

The constant threat of deforestation to the property abutting BLES is our new reality. Only 15% of Thailand remains forestland and we are desperate to realize our dream of a release project by expanding our acreage. 

In as much as we have been able to provide safety as well as physical and mental rehabilitation for our elephants, our intention is their eventual transition to independent living. 

It has always been our conviction that our elephants be returned to as natural a habitat as possible and live out their lives with dignity. By securing an area that is absent from human-inflicted danger, BLES elephants will learn to live as elephants are meant to — in a self-reliant herd. 

Wild elephant populations in Thailand have all but disappeared while the domesticated elephant population continues to increase. Forced breeding to satisfy the demands of elephant-back tourism has become a new industry.

We aim to educate tourists to understand how destructive elephant trekking and elephant performances are. However, if managed properly, a new type of elephant tourism can be introduced which is our hope. BLES proposes an evolved elephant tourism that educates and encourages participation that will provide a much needed lifeline for the elephants of Thailand.

With your support, BLES will establish our goal two-fold — by increasing our land mass we will be able to implement a release project which will in turn, provide the efficacy of such an effort. We will publish and share our findings with potential tourists and existing Asian elephant supporters.

Please help us to fulfill this crucial effort and donate to the creation of our BLESLand Release Project.