In Appreciation

BLES would be nothing without you. Listed are the individuals and organisations who have helped to create BLES. As well as believing in BLES, your support has enabled us to grow and become a leading body in animal welfare. On behalf of all the elephants and other animals at BLES, thank you.


Alexander Abraham Foundation (AAF)
Bring The Elephants Home (BTEH)
Dyad Communications, Inc.
EARS (Elephant Asia and Rescue Survival Fund)
Elephant Family (EF)
Elephant Foundation
Elephant Parade
The Elephants’ Umbrella Fund (EUF)
Hot Under The Collar Productions (HUTC)
International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
International Trust for Nature Conservation (ITNC)
Peggy Dyer Photography
The Tranquility Project
World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA)


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  • A BLES tusker revels in his new life at the Sanctuary. Photograph: Peggy Dyer
  • Co-habitation is fostered at BLES.
  • Enjoying the bounty of BLES grazing grounds. Photograph: Peggy Dyer
  • Your support provides the elephants with their beloved daily banana treats. Photograph: Peggy Dyer
  • Baby Star would never have known security and safety without BLES's intervention. Photograph: Peggy Dyer
  • All BLES animals benefit from Sanctuary living.
  • A general expression of well-being and pleasure. Photograph: Peggy Dyer
  • Some of the BLES elephants had never enjoyed the company of other elephants until their rescue. Photograph: Peggy Dyer
  • Rescued elephants recover and thrive at BLES thanks to your support. Photograph: Peggy Dyer
  • A new rescue is adopted by a new auntie.