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Heaven on earth for elephants

Being at BLES was a life changing 5 days for my husband and I. Being a passionate animal lover and experiencing the bonds and tenderness between the elephants and between them and their Mahouts made me realise just how sensitive and family orientated elephants are. Seeing them have freedom to make choices in what they do and not having to be subjected to the servitude they have had to endure in their previous existances is truly heartwarming. Walking with them each day in a small group is such a privilege.

They call the shots and set the pace and the guests follow. The food there is delicious and usually served next to the Gossip Girls. Eating breakfast with them watching on is an unforgettable experience. Katherine and all her staff are welcoming and make you feel at home immediately. It is very hard to leave and I can't wait to return.

Visited November 2016

Robert & Mary Saunders

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