Community Outreach

BLES is located in the charming, rural village of Baan Na Ton Chan, and we take every opportunity we get to connect visitors from other countries with locals in our community.

Every Friday afternoon, we invite our guests to visit Baan Na Ton Chan’s elementary school and help the students practice English. Giving the kids a chance to practice asking questions to a native English speaker helps build their confidence when using the language. There is always lots of laughter and guests always walk away with a few new Thai words in their vocabulary too!

BLES also invites its visitors to learn how to prepare authentic Thai dishes at Ba Da’s Cooking Class. Ba Da opens her home to our guests and uses ingredients from her garden to show her visitors what is like to cook and eat in a Thai home. Ba Da’s green curry, spicy papaya salad, and fried vegetable tempura with chilli dip are usually what the guests can’t get enough of, but she changes her menu depending on the ingredients she has available and can tone down the spice in case you aren’t ready for the complete Thai experience just yet!

Weaving is a tradition passed down between women in our community and we love being able to support their skill by selling handmade bags, scarves, and table runners in the sanctuary’s gift shop. The community we live in is not on the tourist path that most traveller’s take in Thailand, so the women are happy to have a place to display and sell their work, and our guests love being able to take authentic souvenirs back to their family and friends.