Star Medical Clinic

Since BLES was established in 2007, the dire need for a vetinariany clinic has been paramount.

Located in northern Thailand, there are only two elephant hospitals currently providing care for sick or injured elephants. Both these hospitals are, at a minimum, a six hour drive from BLES when transporting an elephant.

Despite the excellent treatment elephants receive at these facilities, local elephant owners feel unsupported and helpless if their elephant gets sick. Although elephant veterinarians make on site visits, their services are in great demand which often exceeds their availability. Owners wait for days before a veterinarian is available. Additionally, follow-up treatment is complicated by the scarcity of the doctor.

The elephant is often required to be transported to the hospital which is an expensive and dangerous effort for those involved. Trucks are unsafe, completely inadequate and can be hard to source. In recognition of this need, BLES proposes to establish a satellite and triage clinic to support the existing elephant hospitals. By providing diagnostic services, preliminary examinations and maintenance care, the Star Clinic will help to determine and prioritize treatment and transport.

Minor cases will be treated locally at the Star Clinic while serious cases requiring surgical and long-term treatment will be recommended to the hospitals. Local volunteers, veterinary students and a resident veterinarian who will work in concert with the hospital veterinarians will staff the Star Clinic.

The Star Clinic is named in recognition of BLES’s first born elephant who tragically died at the age of two and half during a thunderstorm in May 2010. Star exemplified our goals for all elephants with her cheeky sense of self who rejoiced in living a safe and protected life.

BLES is appealing to new and existing supporters for your help in establishing the funds to begin our work. We have the site secured but we need to raise 4 million THB for the construction of the entire facility. This includes labor and materials, medical equipment, site preparation, parking lots, and an endowment to maintain the facility. Naming opportunities such as a permanent “wall” of honor and memory designations will be announced in the future. This initiative is critical to the welfare of the elephants and animals of Thailand. We need your support – every animal has the right to be a star. Please help us by donating an amount of any size.

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  • Skin irritations are a chronic problem for elephants.
  • A premature birth caused Boon Lott's fatal bone weakness.
  • Our tusker gets treatment after an attack from another bull.
  • Treating dermatitis and ringworm, a lifelong skin aliment for this elephant.
  • Only a few of the many abandoned puppies that BLES cares for.
  • A local young cow fell ill and was treated by BLES.
  • Katherine assessing a village elephant's injuries.
  • A village elephant is cared for by the BLES staff in a municipal field.
  • Lotus receives daily vinegar bathes to soothe her foot rot.
  • Injuries from a village elephants attack require daily care.
  • Hope following her mother's example by caring for one of the BLES dogs.
  • A WSPA representative examining one of the BLES elephants.
  • Anon flushing Tong Jai's injuries with medicine.
  • Boon Lott in the sling ordered by Katherine to support Boon Lott's legs.