BLES Cat & Dog Home

Since the founding of BLES in 2007, Katherine has given care and a safe home to any number of wild and domestic animals in need. Cats and dogs in particular have found their way into her heart as the number of abused and neglected pets seems endless. Whether it is cultural differences or lack of funds to provide proper care, pets in Thailand are commonly abandoned to live out their lives in pain and suffering.

Katherine’s commitment to these animals has inspired the establishment of a dedicated BLES Cat and Dog Home (BCDH). The home will have an on-site vet to provide free medical care to all cats and dogs in need. Once these rescued animals have recovered, they will be available for adoption.

BCDH pledges to:
• offer sanctuary to abused and neglected cats and dogs.
• offer free medical support to all cats and dogs.
• educate locals about simple care and training, thereby reducing cases of cruelty.
• provide free spaying and neutering for all cats and dogs.
• collect, clear and dispose of road kill remains.
• facilitate adoption of rescued and recovered animals.

The cats and dogs of Thailand deserve our care and love every bit as much as the elephants. True, they are not endangered but the fact of their domesticity and reliance on humans makes them just as vulnerable. Please help us to create this much-needed facility for the small animals of the Sukhothai.
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